RoundUp Features

Built-in Chat

Spark conversation in your group of friends using the handy chat function, and discuss the event in real-time.


Locking down a date when lots of people are all available can be tricky. Voting can help you easily see which dates your friends can or can’t do. Submit multiple choice questions for your friends to vote on any topic.

Calendar Integration

All your events, synced with your calendar.

Collect Money & Information

Easily gather information like passport numbers or addresses. Keep track of who's paid you back for those tickets.

Share Photos

Share photos within events and download full resolution copies to your phone.

Manage Attendees

Clearly see who has responded, and who still needs a little nudge!

Tools to make your life easier

The most convenient way to get a group of friends together

Structured event organising

Confirm the date and time, location (with a helpful live map) and choose from one of our many pictures for your event

Huge Time Saver

Everything you need to organise, or just attend, an event - right at your fingertips

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